Launching, Landing and Moving Forward

  • Launching, Landing and Moving Forward

Launching, Landing and Moving Forward

This the pre-release early edition. Just a few are left in stock. Thankfully, folks have found this helpful (!!), and the final version is coming soon.

Launching, Landing and Moving Forward is a work formed in the crucible of contrast. These are lessons scraped from successes and failures on the road toward health and sustainability. It is very common to go through a transition and not notice some residual fallout that you have acquired or someplace you may have gotten stuck. Learning to navigate the ups and downs of these difficult seasons is a skill that will benefit you through all aspects of life.

Here are some examples of transition seasons:

Returning after travels
Moving to a new city or region
Starting or ending at a school or job
Getting married, having a child or losing a relationship
Having a Mid-life crisis
Experiencing a catastrophic event
Going through a recovery process
Undergoing a season of personal growth or discovery
Physical injury or accident
Finding out you have a serious disease or illness
Leaving or entering a defined structure

4.25 x 6.25
92 Pages

Nate Allen is a husband, father, friend, songsmith (destroy nate allen, good saint nathanael, nate allen & the pac-away dots), writer and mystic. Nate's seeking led to service, which led to creativity, which led to travel, which led to healing. He is currently based in Kansas City, Missouri, where he is in process. This is his first book.